Clonetrooper 16:05 24 Jul 04

Basic question but can anybody direct me to decent webpage that explains MP3 formats. I want to know what format gives the best sound quality.

WMA, WAV, MP3 ????

  QuickHare 16:12 24 Jul 04

WAV. It is lossless.

MP3 is smaller file, but some loss of quality which is almost impossible to detect by the human ear.

WMA is a Microsoft-owned file type. It produces even smaller files, and takes out a fair bit of quality (again, hardly noticeable to the human ear).

A quick search on Google (found if you click here) can find many websites which explain further than this basic information I have provided.

  Clonetrooper 16:25 24 Jul 04

So when I'm burning CDs with Roxio CD creator is that using WAV files?

  Robotic_Rob 16:49 24 Jul 04


click here

To explain mp3's

And try....

click here

To explain writing songs to CD's

And yes the Roxio burning software writes mp3's to a cd in a wav format. Roxio when writing to a cd de-compress's the mp3 file into a wav file and then writes to disc.That is why it takes longer to write mp3 songs to a cd rather than a wav. If you follow with what im trying to say.

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