mp3 program not working

  cuzmb 16:21 25 Apr 05

i have a medion mp3 player,works brilliantly but the software that came with it has stopped was okay until i had to alter the virtual device drivers so my son could play one of his there any way of getting it to work again without having to reinstall xp again?

  Curio 19:06 25 Apr 05

Do a SystemRestore

  cuzmb 21:38 25 Apr 05

tried that but i only use the software rarely and i have no idea of the date that i changed the vdd's.

  Totally-braindead 22:12 25 Apr 05

Have you tried just deleteing the program and reinstalling it again from your disk.

  Curio 22:15 25 Apr 05

Have a look at the Software Properties, this will give you a date. Do a System Restore prior to that date

  Curio 22:17 25 Apr 05

I really meant Vdd Properties

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