rotormota 17:40 14 Oct 04

Is this typical of all MP3 players? My player is only a cheapy thing but the battery (Duracel) lasts no time at all.

I would have thought with no moving parts like a personal cd player, battery life should be better?

can you give us more details please.

Which MP3 player is it?

What size batterys does it take?

How long is "no time at all"?

  alB 18:02 14 Oct 04

Mine is the same, absolutely eats ordinary batteries, I bought some NiMh rechargeables, £1 each off Ebay (AAA size,750mAh) already had the charger, these are much better, last for ages and recharge in about 30 mins, ...alB

  rotormota 18:04 14 Oct 04

Hello [email protected]..I'm afraid it really is one of these unknown brand little £50 jobs but it plays well enough except not for long...about 1-2hours I suppose.

The battery is 1 AAA Duracel.


perhaps your best option is to get a set of rechargable batteries. One thing I find with my MP3 player is that it lasts much, much longer if i dont keep skipping through the songs and just let it play throughout.

  rotormota 18:16 14 Oct 04

Cheers [email protected] I presume some players have these rechargable lithium type power cells which last ages (if my digital camera is anything to go by). Perhaps an upgrade...I don't want to spend more than £100 really.

Cheers again.

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