MP3 Players - info

  €dstow 09:29 19 Feb 03

Courtesy of WinXPNews, these MP3 players are listed as reader's favourites.

click here

My MP3 Player: click here

TRAKTOR DJ Player: click here

PC Jukebox: click here

Quintessential Player (QCD): click here

Zinf Audio Player: click here

Blaze TrayAudio: click here

UltraPlayer: click here

Sonique: click here

Apollo: click here

Virtual Turntables: click here

I only offer this as information and can take no responsibility for their suitability for purpose.


  ?dstow 14:49 27 Feb 03

Posted this before I went away and forgot to close it. Anyway, here goes.

Hope my euro is working now.


  ?dstow 14:52 27 Feb 03

Seems as though it isn't.

Problem with Opera 7.02 which was installed while I was away. Thought I got it working this morning but it's reverted.

Try again!


  powerless 14:56 27 Feb 03

Winamp isnt there i'm suprised.


  €dstow 15:14 27 Feb 03

WinAmp was in a list posted a few weeks ago together with the other popular ones. I think these are the stragglers!

I'll try and get my €€€€€€ back again.

Hope it works this time!


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