mp3 players (about £80)

  dfghjkl 21:55 17 Nov 04

hello people,anyone recomend a mp3 player preferably with a radio on and a decent set of headphones for around £80,give or take £20.
how many songs can i expect to store on say a 128 memory,for example.
i have seen some cheapo ones for about £30 or £40 but these only have 16 or 32 meg of memory with them,how many tracks can you get on these?
do they take memory cards like sd fpr example?
thank you for your time.peter.

  stalion 22:34 17 Nov 04

click here;_ylt=AtLWGKnxz70tUMT6Dgun6k1Xv1kB;_ylc=X3oDMTFnZXRvbDMxBGRzdAM0NjEwMTIyOARzZWMDaXkEc2xrA21haW51cmwEc3JjAzI3NjY2NzkEdwNpeQ--

  stalion 22:37 17 Nov 04

sorry ignore post above.Type in mp3 players in yahoo many sites with mp3 info

  Wilham 23:21 17 Nov 04

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  dfghjkl 21:52 18 Nov 04

thanks for your help,any owners out there?

  TomJerry 22:22 18 Nov 04
  dfghjkl 23:42 18 Nov 04

thank you that one looks perfect.peter.

  Wilham 09:51 19 Nov 04

At 0.5kg it's bigger than pocket-size.

  TomJerry 10:01 19 Nov 04

device itself only 40g with battery. I am using one myslef.

  absent 10:30 19 Nov 04


My daughter may be interested in this as a Christmas present. Does this come with headphones? even if not it still looks a bargain.

  TomJerry 12:51 19 Nov 04

it come with headphone (not good one).

I got my yesterday (also intended for daughter's christmas present).

MP3 play is fine, but I am having trouble with FM reception. I am trying to contact MD to figure out if my unit is faulty or this product is no good. One customer's comment on their site said FM reception is good.

I will report back my results. By the way, MD do special offers regularly, I got it on special offer.

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