MP3 Player Prob

  paul 17 18:17 24 Oct 05

Ihave a phillips hdd120 Mp3 player the problem is with the software, both the supplied disk and downloading it from phillips website has made no difference once you double click the icon the program starts then hangs leaving the title screen on the desktop,and you have to restart to get rid of it. but going to task manager says its not there! anyone help please?

  Diversion 19:42 24 Oct 05

It sounds like the memory is corrupt you can download the firmwareclick here

  paul 17 20:05 24 Oct 05

Ive tryed that and downloading the latest version of the software too it plays up on my work computer too but worked fine on my old (ME os) computer but cant understand why it used to (rather erratcly) run on this computer now not at all! Ive tryed turning off antivirus deleting unused programs but still no joy! was wondering if there was any form of 3rd party program that'll run it? short of that jump on it and get an i pod!!

  Diversion 20:29 24 Oct 05

I installed Creative software for my granddaughter's Zen ipod and that too conflicted with the XP Pro that I have on my PC, that was after SP2 was updated. Before the SP2 update it was okay, it is something to do with SP2 I hope you get it sorted I'll keep scanning this item in the event that you find a cure for this problem.
Regards Paul (Diversion)

  paul 17 20:34 24 Oct 05

Thanks bud, yeah ive got a feeling its somthing to do with service pack 2, my home and work computer both run it and neither will load it up now just causes it to hang and sometimes crash! ahh the marvels of modern tecnology!

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