Mp3 player losing memory

  m800afc 18:38 24 Nov 06

I have been using an unbranded 1Gb USB mp3 player for about a year, without any problems. I use it to listen to audio books that are in mp3 format. I recently tried to load a new book and was surprised to get a "Disk Full" error. On investigation I found that the capacity of the drive had dropped from 1Gb to 497Mb. What has caused this, and how can I restore the "missing" portion of the capacity?

  SLAYER 20:02 24 Nov 06

Have you tried formatting the player.

  m800afc 20:43 24 Nov 06

I have tried reformatting the player. It still shows capacity as 497Mb.

  SLAYER 06:42 25 Nov 06

What player have you got.

  vinnyT 15:33 25 Nov 06

It's possible that the players flash memory is failing, all flash devices (usb sticks, mp3 players, etc.) have a finite life, some last longer than others, it depends on the quality of memory used.

I'm not sure whether this has/is happening in your case, if it is, it suggests that the 'hidden' memory is unwritable, and so is not 'seen' by your player.

  rodriguez 15:56 25 Nov 06

Go into My Computer and right click on the MP3 player drive icon and click Properties. This will then bring up a pie diagram with free and used space and also the total capacity. If the total capacity on the Properties box shows as 1 GB then there are probably some hidden files somewhere that need deleting. If it shows as 497 GB then it looks like approximatly half of the memoey has "disappeared" and this means it could have failed. You could run something like ScanDisk on the drive to see if there are any problems with it.

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