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MP3 Player Help Needed Pls

  dreamer50 17:37 17 Dec 04

I bought a 128MB MP3 Player,followed instruction book to upload songs,they uploaded fine,or so i thought,until i went to play them and it came up with "no files" yet when i check the storage capacity on the removable drive it says "full". Does anyone know how i can sort this? I'd be very grateful for any help/advice as this is a xmas present for my daughter and i dont wanna dissappoint her :(
thanks in advance


  James-286079 18:59 17 Dec 04

Can you be a bit more specific on the make and model of the MP3 player?

  dreamer50 21:57 17 Dec 04

I bought it from Ebay and all it says is this>>>
-OEM- USB 128 MB Flash Driver + MP3 Player Recorder A34
Dunno if that's any help?
If this helps any,this is the one i bought>>>
click here

  Totally-braindead 22:52 17 Dec 04

Does the instruction book mention anything about formatting the MP3 player this is usually the easiest way to blank it. Don't rush off and try this though, I'm just asking if the manual says anything about it, you don't mention your operating system if its Windows XP and you don't watch what you're doing you can format it as a NTFS file system which can stop it working. So does the manual tell you how to blank or format the MP3 player?

  Tim1964 00:01 18 Dec 04

Are you trying to play back .wma files instaed of .mp3? some players can't handle other file types.

  Salinger 00:21 18 Dec 04

Suggest you plug it in as removable drive and check what files are on it, if they are mot mp3 you should probably delete them and then put mp3's on.

  dreamer50 09:35 18 Dec 04

No the manual doesn't say anything about how to reformat the player and i'm running windows xp

  dreamer50 09:36 18 Dec 04

No,i was trying to play mp3 files

  dreamer50 09:38 18 Dec 04

When i plug the usb cable in,it picks up the removable drive,but when the window opens its blank as if there's nothing on it..then when i go into music and hit play,it says "no files". There is no instructions on how to reformat it so i don't know what to try next!!

  spanneress 09:44 18 Dec 04

Leave the MP3 player plugged in, right click on My Cpmuter - Manage - Disk Management. Select the MP3 player from there and use the menu's at the top to format or richt click in the MP3 area.


  dreamer50 09:57 18 Dec 04

Ok thankyou,i'll try that. Ive never had an Mp3 player so i'm a bit of a novice at the moment.

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