MP3 playback

  mammak 21:11 12 Oct 07

Hi I have downloaded a Album for my brother in MP3 format (legit and paid for )my question is as he does not own a computer or MP3 player well this Album burn to CD and play on a bog standard CD player? thank you.

  johnnyrocker 21:15 12 Oct 07

as long as you burn as audio it will what burner do you have?


depends how old the cd player is,
convert to wav and burn it to cd or burn as audio cd.
click here

free burner

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  mammak 21:19 12 Oct 07

Hi I have Nero ver 6 and NTI CD & DVD maker 7 thanks for the quick reply.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:36 12 Oct 07

Just select Audio CD in Nero and drag the files to the CD, make sure the no multi session and the finalise box is tick, Nero will automatically convert them to CCDA and the disc should then play in any standard player. eg car player.

  mammak 21:56 12 Oct 07

I did as Fruit Bat /\0/\ suggested and all is well plays fine on my CD player something of a blonde moment really (although I am brunette :-))

all this time getting to grips with converting WMA files to MP3 for use with pods and MP3 players and the likes I was a bit lost when it came to the old ways lol thanks again guys for your speedy responses and help x.

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