MP3 or AAC?

  jonargent 21:29 03 Dec 08


I've had a quick look around google, but can't get a satisfactory answer... What format would be best for music, mp3 or aac? Most people I know use mp3 at 160 CBR, but i've heard that aac offers better quality at slightly lower filesizes. I'm not really concerned about filesize, as I have plenty of storage space!

  eedcam 22:04 03 Dec 08

mp3 more universal you can always use it an even higher bit rate and of course there is mp3 Pro but if you are not worried about space keep it as wave .AAc is considered to have the edge on mp3 but all depends on what you can hear I would only use mp3 or5 aac for for Emails

  jonargent 22:18 03 Dec 08

Yeah, I thought about .wav as well... Is there any way to compare the different formats, eg mp3 192k is similar to 226k in aac or whatever?

  al7478 01:57 04 Dec 08

In terms of pure quality id go for wave. however, mp3s dont sound that bad when they are ripped well (id rip at 320kbps if you have the space, , they have widespread support and are easier to tag.

  jonargent 09:46 04 Dec 08

Thanks for that... I think i'll go for the higher quality mp3s then... One last question, is there much difference in VBR and CBR?

  canarieslover 10:01 04 Dec 08

Are these just for use on your PC or are you going to use them on a portable device? Not all portable devices support all formats so you would need to bear that in mind if you also want to carry music around with you. MP3 is probably the most universal but different compression rates can affect battery life on players as well. They are generally optimised to perform at their best on certain bit rates.

  jonargent 10:20 04 Dec 08

I'll mostly be using it on my PC, but I use a SD card in my car stereo, occasionally I use my Zen Xtra 60gig mp3 player, but the bulk of the use will be on PC.

  eedcam 10:42 04 Dec 08

VBR should be better as you are using the highest bitrate for the most complex parts and the lowest for the simpler Cbr obviously is the same throughout but bear in mind not all encoders are equal At the end off the day if you are using portables and cars not exactly Hi fi so go for what your ears are happy with

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