MP3 midi to floppy

  alan227 16:19 14 Feb 04

Is it possible to reduce a MP3 midi file in size enough to put it on a floppy disc?.

  ton 16:37 14 Feb 04

If it is an mp3, yes, but the quality will not be as good. Most mp3 converter progs. have the options.

If it is already a midi file, then most of these are very small anyway.

  Pesala 20:34 14 Feb 04

and put it on several floppy disks.

Chainsaw (104 K) click here Splits large files for easier transfer and recombines them on any PC with a simple batch file.

  alan227 23:48 14 Feb 04

I needed to know this as I want to transfer a mp3 file to a midi so it can be played on my wifes keyboard which will only take floppies, so splitting the file is not really an option, but thanks for the suggestion.

  Peverelli 00:08 15 Feb 04

You will first need to convert mp3 (which is audio) to midi (which isn't). I know of a wav to mid program but haven't seen an mp3 to mid one. Will have a look for you. Results are not usually very successful with these programs.

  Peverelli 00:19 15 Feb 04

This appears to do the job: click here

Click on WIDI 3.0 Professional (free download). I don't know if it's a free prog or a limited trial. If you succeed in converting from mp3 to midi then you'll be able to fit many songs on to a floppy disk (on average about 20 - 25 songs).

  ton 00:45 15 Feb 04

Rather than convert an mp3 file to midi( which in my experience in very difficult to make a good job of), could you not search for the music as a midi file?

There are thousands of midi files available on the internet that you can download.

  alan227 11:31 15 Feb 04

Your suggestion proved the easiest, I managed to find the midi file after several unsucessful attempts at converting it, once again thanks.

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