MP3 Audio to CD

  dp600 10:35 14 Jun 04

I am trying to put my mps on to a cd but some off them are to long , can you recommend a free programme i can use to split the mp3 track.

Thank You

  JayDay 10:44 14 Jun 04

What do you mean too long? Are you saying you have mp3 files that are more than 700MB in size?!

  dp600 11:22 14 Jun 04

no but they are oner 80 min long and my win media player on xp tells me they will not fit

  TBH1 13:59 14 Jun 04

I've read this several times and still cannot understand what you are saying here. You will only get 700mb's worth onto a cd - -and splitting 'em ain't gonna make the slightest bit of difference.

  dp600 14:09 14 Jun 04

i have an mp3 audio file of 110 MB ,can i split it up into 2,3 4 pieces so I can then put it on a few cds like spliting an avi file into pieces to fit a long film onto a few discs.

  byfordr 14:11 14 Jun 04

It will fit on one cd...

  Fruit Bat 15:03 14 Jun 04

The length of time the MP3 track takes to play is irrelevant, however the size of the file is!

a 650meg file on 1CD could/ should take hours to play.

I have 175 Rock tracks on a CD approx 4MEG each total playing time approx 7 hours.

If your Burning prog is converting the file to (CDDA) play on an audio (incar)(normal)CD player then yes it could be longer than 80 minutes.


  dp600 15:03 14 Jun 04

I am soory but as you can tell I am very new to this , the file is 2 hrs long and the cd only takes 80 min.Thanks for all your patience.

  TBH1 15:04 14 Jun 04

agh - - the mist is clearing - - -are you saying your gonna convert this mp3 file to a music file, thus expanding it out to greater than 700mb ??
If so, I think your gonna have to convert onto your hard-disc, then split up and export onto CD - - there are tools out there to split but for the life of me can't think what they're called.

  pj123 15:18 14 Jun 04

You should save MP3 files to CD as Data not Audio. I made that mistake and Nero automatically converts them to CDA if you save as an Audio CD. Have a look here click here

Once they are in wav format I use a programme called LP Ripper which will split the track into as many separate tracks as you like. From click here I usually record all my LPs and Cassettes as one long wav file then split them back to separate tracks for saving as an Audio CD. But if I want MP3 files on CD I burn them as a Data CD.

  Fruit Bat 15:19 14 Jun 04

Split the MP3 using Nero Wave Editor see this post

click here

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