mozilla,s thunderbird

  the kopite 09:38 02 May 05

Hi Guys can one configure thunderbird to work with aol thanks kopite

  01chris 10:04 02 May 05

when the wizard appears put in your email address in full (yourusername) then put in your incoming mail server as and your outgoing mail server as . As i dont use aol i have no way of testing this but this is the website i got the info from.

click here

hope this helps

  the kopite 14:02 02 May 05

Thanks chris same as configuring aol to work with outlook kopite

  adam_huxtable 14:38 02 May 05

can you use thunderbird for hotmail i got reciving messages ok but i cant send any smtp server name i'd have to use at the moment im using localhost and the port number is 1024

  the kopite 16:44 02 May 05

Hi again Guys I configured Thunderbird ( so I thought lol ) to work with aol and though it is downloading my emails I can not send keep getting (Sending of message failed a error ocured sending mail unable to connect to SMPT server the server may be dow or may be incorrectly configured. Please verify that you Maim/News account settins are correct and try again ? thanks kopite

  ashdav 19:14 02 May 05

you have to set the smpt server port to 587

  ashdav 19:17 02 May 05

click here explains it all

  adam_huxtable 19:35 02 May 05

what other emails companies can you use with thunderbird?

  the kopite 08:01 03 May 05

HI Guys ashdave I changed server port to 587 and it was still the same unistalled thunderbird and firefox and reinstalled them and now no icon in my task bar for firefox lol what a life kopite

  the kopite 16:57 06 May 05

Hi guys I configured thunderbird to work with aol and it sends emails but the copying to folder just goes on and on and when I click cancel it says sending mesage failed even tough it has been sent : Thanks guys kopite

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