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Mozilla and Netscape

  Bebee 13:10 31 Mar 03

Are there advantages to using the Mozilla browser (downloaded from the Mozilla.org site) over using the full Netscape 7 browser? - Or to put it the other way are there disadvantages to the Netscape version?

I am running Windows ME and IE6 at the moment.

Any comments/ideas appreciated.


  golfpro 13:36 31 Mar 03

Try "Opera", I use it alongside Int. Explorer and find it is much quicker browsing, the basic version is also free, click on click here

  Bebee 13:47 31 Mar 03

Thanks golfpro

I have looked at Opera briefly. Not to keen on the adverts in the free version. You say you run it alongside IE - out of interest, when do you use IE instead? Is there any need to keep it on the system at all?

I might give Opera another look.

  €dstow 14:38 31 Mar 03

I don't find the adverts in the free version of Opera at all intrusive (unlike some other websites).

I have IE, Netscape, Opera and Mozilla. Mostly because when we do web work we need to check on several browsers that the site works.

For a long time now, I have used Opera as my browser of choice, not least because it has a very effective popup stopper. It is also claimed to be quicker than IE but I've not really noticed this.


  Bebee 14:43 31 Mar 03

Mozilla/Netscape have popup stoppers as well. The Netscape version is a lot larger, but I wondered if aspects of it need not be installed e.g messenger. Opera certainly seems a lot lighter. Do you use it as an email client aswell?

  dth 15:59 31 Mar 03

I would choose Mozila - as Netscape (uses the same base) but adds a few extra not needed bits.

  €dstow 16:17 31 Mar 03

I do use Opera mail but I find it somewhat lacking in facilities. May be the way I'm using it.

I use Netscape mail as well. Not tried the Mozilla mail yet.

OE is my default email client.


  Bebee 17:00 31 Mar 03

Thanks for the comments so far.

Most people that I have come across who use Mozilla/Netscape/Opera seem to use IE/OE as well. I can see the need if you develop web sites, but I wondered if there are others out there who have chosen to use one of them exclusively, and what their thoughts are.


  dth 17:16 31 Mar 03

Bebee - It is really down to what you are used to. I prefer Mozila and never use IE (except at work) but as IE is included on nearly all P/Cs most people use it. For example I have set up the Linux o/s on a spare p/c at home and really like it - included is the open office package. This is pretty much like MS office but I hate it as am so used to using MS office.

  Bebee 17:29 31 Mar 03

See your point there. I have much the same experience with MS Office. I used Star Office at home for a while - great for the price! But just out of familiarity I tend to stick with MS Office.

I've run Mozilla for a few hours now and it is more instinctive to use a new browser than office program, and I like the pop up blocking. The arrangement of the mail client looks good as well - each address in a differnt folder. I've changed my default address recently to avoid the spam building up but I need to run it for a while longer to pick up any genuine mail I've missed. This would seperate it nicely.

My main query originally was whether the Netscape version had any advantages/disadvantages. I think you've probably confirmed what I thought though - I'll just have to try them for a while and see how I get on.

Any comments meanwhile would still be welcome. I'll mark it as resolved later on.

  Bebee 21:17 31 Mar 03

Thanks for the comments.

I've tried Netscape 7 and decided I prefer Mozilla. Netscape is bulky and adds junk I don't want. I think I'll give Opera a run as well and then make up my mind.

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