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  podlod 16:17 16 Nov 09

Hi, I cannot seem to get Firefox even though I have made this my default browser, keep getting Google and to get a site have to type in as usual where I want, then it asks me to press the Enter key, any ideas please?

  tullie 16:21 16 Nov 09

So which browser is Google opening in?

  birdface 17:13 16 Nov 09

In Firefox have you set google to open as your home page.

  kalignorgna 09:22 17 Nov 09

do you mean google as in chrome? also what OS are u using

  podlod 14:22 17 Nov 09

Hi, I have finally managed to receive Firefox as my browser, but it is in French, and although I can read French i prefer it in English. Before it had pref on the left of Firefox where I was enable to change into English, but that has disappeared, any ideas?

  Sea Urchin 14:53 17 Nov 09

I don't understand where you are "receiving" it from - surely you download the English version of Firefox and use that as your browser?

You didn't answer any of the questions asked by tullie, buteman and kalignorgna.

  tullie 20:47 17 Nov 09

Im getting confused by the minute.Firefox is a browser,Google is a search engine.

  Bob The Blob 20:55 17 Nov 09

LOL confusing or what?

  podlod 13:54 18 Nov 09

Hi, We all had to learn items regarding the internet,being Browser, search engine, etc; still takes time for me to catch on! I reside in France and that is why I still receive Google in French.
OS ? thank you for your time.

  Sea Urchin 14:25 18 Nov 09

But I reside in the UK and can get Google in French if I wish by selecting the URL

So can you not get to use the English version?

  Bob The Blob 18:05 18 Nov 09

OS = Operating system (Windows XP, Windows Vista) etc.

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