Mozilla Firefox with RAM drive?

  boybrown 13:06 20 Mar 04

Hi folks,

I have been using Firefox for a while after seeing it recommended here on this site. I'm getting much improved performance however I wanted to setup a RAM drive to speed surfing even more. I have managed to do this (courtesy of this forum again!), however I have re-directed the IE cache to the drive but Firefox appears to store it's temp files elsewhere. Does anyone know how I can use the RAM drive with Mozilla?

I've had a good look around and can't find anything on the home site.

Any help would be really gratefully received

cheers for your time

Boybrown :-)

  Rob_E 14:22 20 Mar 04


If you want to move the firefox cache to another location use this link click here

Basically you create (if it's not there) the file user.js in your profile folder, then add the following lines to it which specifies where the cache will be located. Mine looks like this,

// Path to Cache folder:
user_pref("browser.cache.disk.parent_directory","F:\\Temporary Internet Files");

so my cache lives on my F partition inside the tempory internet files folder (so everything is in one place).

Hope that helps, Rob.

  Rob_E 14:24 20 Mar 04

err...the bit after // Path to Cache folder: should be on a seperate line.

  boybrown 16:30 20 Mar 04

Cheers Rob,

Top man, followed your instructions and have now got it sorted.

Thanks a lot for the help


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