Mozilla Firefox

  ponytail 07:09 25 Jul 10

Why is it when I use Mozilla Firefox as my browser that I seem unable to use my back button.For example when I click on a link in PCA and then want to go back to the post I always end up back at the desk top there seems no option to go back the arrow is not highlighted.

  Andsome 07:26 25 Jul 10

Firefox seems to give more than its fair share of problems. Tried it and got rid of it. IE8 is brilliant on Windows 7.

  DieSse 15:14 25 Jul 10

Is it opening a new tab when you click a link?

If so there is no "back" from a new link - just close the tab, or click on the original tab to switch to it.

  Muergo 15:33 25 Jul 10

When you click on a link it usually opens under a new button, when finished then just close button and it will go back to where you were.

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