Mozilla Firefox 3.5 bookmarks have vanished

  bexley42 15:29 17 Jun 12

My Mozilla Firefox 3.5 bookmarks have vanished and I can't redo them. Please help as I had quite a lot.

  northumbria61 15:41 17 Jun 12

See problem solved in this LINK enter link description here

  bexley42 11:17 18 Jun 12

TO: northumbria61 - Thanks for answer.

I finally remembered I had signed up with XMARKS - it was great, I have got all my bookmarks back.

  robin_x 13:13 18 Jun 12

Use Mozbackup for a local copy.

Xmarks was almost lost a couple of years ago.

Not sure why you are still on FF3.5.

I can understand not upgrading to v4 onwards, it caused a few problems (non-compatible add-ons etc).

Now on v13. Mostly seems to have settled.

3.6.28 is the latest of 'the old versions'

See Filehippo page, right hand column. Download and install over any later or earlier release.

ie easy to chop and change. Mozbackup in case of unlikely problems first.

Later versions continually fix security issues. So it is better to upgrade at some point.

  robin_x 13:14 18 Jun 12

EDit: v4 onwards also has FF Sync. Does same as xmarks.

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