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  hawthorn59 20:07 05 Feb 06

One of the features I like on this is that i can hold down ctrl and scroll the mouse wheel to enlarge the size of the print on screen. Is there any way to store this setting, ie not to have to do it every time I load it up or open a new browser window?

Ive tried in IE enlarging the print in View, I think. But it only partially works. The Mozilla ctrl trick enlarges the text on the full page, which I find great.

Q 2 I find the text size, in fact the general size of everything, smaller in my widescreen laptop than on a same size regular screen. It seems as if many web pages dont "broadcast widescreen"!! If you know what I mean. Sometimes theres wasted white space down the sides. Im wondering, when and if i do change my laptop, whether I should go back to the regular screen. Any opinions or thoughts?

Many thnx, great forum!


  Stuartli 20:10 05 Feb 06

You can also use Ctl with + or - to enlarge or reduce font sizes.

Try Tools>Options>Content tab and altering the font size until it suits you.

  Stuartli 20:12 05 Feb 06

Websites won't "broadcast widescreen" as you put it as probably 97.5 per cent (or more!) of all monitors are the standard 4:3 screen ratio size.

  ade.h 20:26 05 Feb 06

I would no longer work without a widescreen aspect ratio. Having felt the benefits of it with my newest laptop, I'm replacing my 19" desktop TFT with a 21" widescreen.

You don't have to stretch your browser window - or any other apps - across the entire width, you know. That's the whole point; more apps visible on screen.

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