Moving 'program files' folder to Drive D

  dth 14:12 09 Sep 03

Can someone remind me which key needs to be changed so that the windows program file folder defaults to drive D - rather than drive C. Second question is will this change work on a P/C with Windows NT?


  MichelleC 16:40 09 Sep 03

Not sure what you mean. Do you want to boot from d and not c?

  dth 17:03 09 Sep 03

Sorry if not very clear. Have a NT p/c with a 4gb drive. The max drive C is 2gb - so the balance is drive D. Drive C is now pretty full and drive D is empty.

I remember seeing a posting a few months ago on the pca site - that showed how to alter the registry so that the 'program files' folder is located on drive D - rather than the C drive as default.

The idea is to take off all the program files and re-install them on drive D - to free up part of the C drive and make use of the D drive. Most of the programs that are being used are set to install within the 'program files' folder.

  Jester2K II 17:21 09 Sep 03

Only ever seen this under Win9x not NT.

It was a feature in TweakUI from Microsoft. You can use it change various setting like My Docs etc


click here

System Requirements
Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows Millennium Edition, Windows 98 or Windows 95

  wee eddie 19:54 09 Sep 03

Leave your OS and Programs on C. Change nothing there.

You should then be able to drag and drop all your Working Folders and Files across to the D drive

  dth 10:12 10 Sep 03

thanks for the help.

  Jester2K II 10:17 10 Sep 03

What worked? Feedback please?

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