Moving photos in My Pictures to new folder

  folaboss 16:22 27 Mar 07

When I try to move multiple photos in a folder in the My Pictures main folder(by holding down Ctrl as I select consecutive photos) and then dragging to a new folder copies are left in the original folder and named "Copy of ......". If I then try to multiple delete these it just leaves another copy. I've tried deleting by right-clicking and selecting Delete and also by just hitting the Delete button on the keyboard but it makes no difference. The only way around it seems to be to delete the original photos individually which is a time-consuming task. Is there a better way?

  steviegee 16:26 27 Mar 07

Try making pictures as a list then select the first picture, select shift and then the last and try that way.

  folaboss 16:32 27 Mar 07

Sorry to be dumb but what do you mean when you say making a list?

  Eric10 16:36 27 Mar 07

If you move the mouse with the ctrl key and the mouse button held down then that is what happens. Make sure you release the mouse button before moving to the next photo and it should behave as you intended.

  folaboss 17:21 27 Mar 07

I think that perhaps I am being a bit ham-fisted. I'll practice a bit more. I just thought I might be getting the sequencing wrong or something.

  eedcam 18:26 27 Mar 07

I open windows explorer open the file with the pics in . I use Shift and /highlight the pics iwant then release shift anddrag the pics to the chosen folder no duplication occurs

  skidzy 18:38 27 Mar 07

Exactly the same way here as eedcam.

  jack 19:12 27 Mar 07

This is another way of using the 'Cut' command
with the images in 'say' folder 1 highlight them right click- click cut
release the mouse
Move to destination folder right click ,click 'Paste'

All images transfer from '1' to 'destination'
no copies

  folaboss 20:02 27 Mar 07

I have tried your suggestions - using Shift and the Cut and Paste methods successfully. I think my problem was caused by me holding down CTRL instead of SHIFT. This seemed to leave copies in the original folder as well as moving and/or deleting them.

  folaboss 20:02 27 Mar 07

Sorry - forgot to thank everyone for their help. Much appreciated.

  eedcam 21:56 27 Mar 07

Thats what we're here for dont forget to tick solved cheers

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