Moving PC & Internet connection

  Ritchbee 15:56 10 Nov 06


Want to move my PC & desk but do not want to move the cable (NTL Broadband).

Can you go Wi-Fi ?.

If so, is there a resonably cheap way of doing this.

Any advice is welcome.

  Diemmess 16:08 10 Nov 06

How far are you moving your desk?

With a suitable length of RJ11 cable (wall connection microfilter to new site) everything will work just as well as a basic 1 meter cable.

Aol proposes 10 metres max, but I have a son with twice that and no bother.

  Ritchbee 19:03 10 Nov 06

It's to an opposite corner ?.

Because of the shape of the room any further cable would be difficult and to move the current cable would be a pain.

  Diemmess 20:47 10 Nov 06

Youu might consider a concealed cable or a telephone extension to the other side, but more likely wi-fi will have to be your choice.

You don't have to use Aol's approved router, but you do need help from someone with more knowledge than I have to set it up.
My son did this for himself, I haven't had the need.

  Strawballs 21:03 10 Nov 06

With NTL all you need is a network cable from the Modem or STB to where ever the PC is.

My NTL is through the STB (Set top box)in the living room and before I got the router it went straight to the PC in the back room now it is connected to the router in the backroom and the PC is connected by wire and a PC upstairs wireless and a Laptop wireless.

  Ritchbee 21:50 10 Nov 06

Any recommendations on a Router ?.

What should I be looking for (Firewall etc ?.)

  Strawballs 17:30 12 Nov 06

click here This is the one I have on an NTL connection

  Ritchbee 15:46 13 Nov 06

Assume I will also have to install a card into PC ?.

  Strawballs 22:16 13 Nov 06

If you don't want to open the case a USB one will work just as well and they quite often come with extension cables so you can position it for best recption.
click here

  Ritchbee 22:30 13 Nov 06

Great - thanks for the advice.

  Strawballs 00:53 14 Nov 06

click here This site should be able to answer most questions.

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