Moving to a new ISP - How do I retain access email

  runningboygreen 13:36 11 Aug 09


I'm transfreeing to a new broadband supplier & want to make sure I don't lose access to my current emails. If I just transfer will my old account stay active & therefore accessible via MS Outlook? I've been told that broadband is a completely separate thing to dial up so I assume my dial up access (& emails) will be unaffected.

If this isn't the case, what is the best way to manage the email transition?


  Pine Man 14:08 11 Aug 09

On the basis that you don't cancel your dial up service you will be able to access your emails from your old (dial up) provider via their web mail site using your new (BB) connection.

If you don't use your old (dial up) provider for a length of time they might shut it down eventually but by then everybody should be aware of the new email address provided by your new (BB) provider.

  runningboygreen 15:06 11 Aug 09

Thanks. Can I assume that I've got a dial up service if I signed up for broadband from the start or will I just have the broadband service? I don't want to make an incorrect assumption & get it wrong.

  anchor 15:19 11 Aug 09

I have have broadband from Pipex, (now Talk Talk) for about 4 - 5yrs.

Originally I used the BT dial up service, and still have & use my old BT e-mail address.

To keep my account active I dial up BT, (using an ordinary 56k modem), once a month. I am thus able to receive e-mails from this BT account using either Outlook, or Outlook express. No problem.

  woodchip 15:25 11 Aug 09

You should download all E-Mails from the Server, as you will lose you Mail Address and will have to use a new one

  runningboygreen 15:25 11 Aug 09

I guess my issue is that I don't want my old account (with Tiscali) to be closed just because I'm moving to a different broadband provider. I've given the new provider my MAC code & they will be taking over on Monday. When they take over will Tiscali automatically close my account or will they keep it open & just stop providing me with broadband?

  runningboygreen 15:34 11 Aug 09

Thanks Woodchip. I was told that if I downgraded to Dial Up I wouldn't lose my old mail address. However, when I spoke to Tiscali about this they told me that Broadband was a completely separate thing. Hence my original question.

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