Moving images on website - newbie advice

  Colinhp 16:57 09 Jun 08

Hello, I am using Microsoft Expression Studio to build my company website.
I want three seperate images (same dimensions) to appear with a split second gap between them and to overlay above each other on the opening page of the website.
The first image will be of a busy road, the second a little less busy and then the final image of the same road section with no traffic on it.
I then want a line of text to appear over the top of the last image.
How do I acheive this with Expression Studio or do I need to purchase another software programme?

  Kemistri 19:08 11 Jun 08

Right, you need either Javascript or Flash. Neither of which is necessarily desirable unless it actually brings a functional benefit to a project, though not likely to be a big turn off or drawback if used carefully. click here

  Colinhp 10:41 12 Jun 08

Thank you for your help.

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