Moving house & taking phone number

  Fried~Chips 21:58 30 Apr 08

She is moving to a new house, she is taking her same phone number what she has boradband on to the new house.

Does anyone in the forum know if when at the new postal address with the phone number from her old house will the broadband work the new address?

Thanks for any help here.

  MAT ALAN 22:02 30 Apr 08

just tell your B/B provider you are moving house, they will do the rest...

  Fried~Chips 22:26 30 Apr 08

she wants to be able to get her MAC No via email which wouldnt be possiblle if she cannot pick the broadband up at the new house. If she is not able to get online then she will find it hard to get her MAC No to pass on to other isp.

Thats why she needs to know if she will have broadband access to them.

  audeal 00:36 01 May 08

She should get the MAC number before she moves or change her number and start fresh with a new number. That is what I did three years ago when I moved.

  Fried~Chips 00:46 01 May 08

She's left it toooo late to get the mac, but she could log in from another machine.

If the new house has the old phone number set-up but not telling orange they have moved would her boradband work or not ?

  hastelloy 07:22 01 May 08

even if the phone number is the same.

  Fried~Chips 12:10 01 May 08

For the confirmation !

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