Moving house

  Kernow999 20:03 06 Jul 04

Within the next month or so I should be moving house.
Obviously I do not want any problems with my p.c. when I reconnect it.
Does anybody have any precautionary tales to tell or advice to give to make sure things go well, with regards to the computer.
I cant forsee any problems but you never know.


  Old Shep 20:16 06 Jul 04

You should not have any problems as I moved house about 3 years ago. With Freeserve (dial up) and if I remember correctly had to inform them of my new phone number. Good luck with your house move,lots of hassle but nice when you get in and settled.

  Dorsai 20:22 06 Jul 04

Don't Know your provider, but i know mine has an option in the acount managemet section to 'change the number i connect from'. I guess a browse on their home-page is in order for you. probably under 'manage my account' or words to that effect.

  Kernow999 20:34 06 Jul 04

I use Metronet as my provider and I know I have to pay to reconnect. Hopefully, I should even stay on the same telephone number. I'm not moving far!
Thanks for your help so far. Keep'em coming.


  Old Shep 20:41 06 Jul 04

I am a little bemused now I have thought about it.Kernow is Cornish for Cornwall and 999 means coppers. Are you a Cornish Copper bearing in mind I live in Devon don't try to con me. Ha Ha your not going to be my new neighbour are you.

  Kernow999 20:47 06 Jul 04

I like your thinking. You are half right. I am Cornish but live in Dorset. I do not get paid like a copper. I am a Paramedic! Fear not. I only enter Devon en-route to West Cornwall. The good old A30!!
Cheers Me 'Anzum

  Old Shep 20:52 06 Jul 04


  Kernow999 20:54 06 Jul 04

Emmett, please!

  SirGalahad2004 23:56 06 Jul 04

not moved house . but had my number changed . i'm on freeserve (aka wanadoo broadband) didnt even have to get in touch with them . number changed and came straight online

  Kernow999 11:46 07 Jul 04

Thanks all. Lets see how it goes.


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