Moving Files from Desktop to My Documents

  mhengel 03 Aug 11

I was moving (dragging and dropping) files from my desktop to my documents. It was a number of files (excel, word, jpeg) and it took sometime to move, half way through the transfer I hit cancel and now I can't find half of the files. They aren't back on the desktop or in my documents. Any ideas where it might be. Thanks for any help.

  ams4127 03 Aug 11

System restore back to before you moved them.

  Woolwell 03 Aug 11

Better stick to one thread Previous thread. Hope you have a back up because you may well have lost them using cut and paste instead of copy and paste. Doubt that system restore will do anything as it deals with programs, driver,s etc not files.

  robin_x 03 Aug 11

If you haven't used the clipboard in last hour, right click empty desktop and Paste.

  ams4127 03 Aug 11

System Restore deals with everything. That's why it is aclled System Restore!

  Woolwell 03 Aug 11

ams4127 please get your facts right. It does not restore everything. That is what back ups are for. A System image will restore everything system image

  ashleycardwell94 06 Aug 11

system restore is designed to leave your documents and some preferences alone.

The list of file types and directories to be included or excluded from monitoring by System Restore can be customized on Windows Me and Windows XP by editing %windir%\system32\restore\Filelist.xml


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