Moving files

  xoc 17:51 23 Feb 03

Am not sure if this is the correct area for this enquiry, but if not would appreciate it being re directd.
I need some tips on best way to move programs folders/files from one drive to other.
I must explain that I have two hard drives. One is a 2gb drive partitioned into C & E drives.
The C drive which contains my o/s w98se and is approx 1.75Gb, but only has 270 mb of useable space left so, am constantly being asked to remove some files from C
Whilst the E has approx .25Gb which I use for little used files.
I also have an 8gb drive D, with no partitions and of which approx 50% is in use with the balance free.
Can someone suggest the simplest way to move programs /folders/files from C to D.
I have tried opening both in separate explorer windows, and have tried dragging items from C to D.
I have also tried Cut & Paste, but always seem to end up with a monumental cock-up with shortcuts not being recognised etc etc, and whilst the space used in D seems to increase, I don't appear to get a resultant decrease in C, so whilst I am getting them to move ok, I feel that I end up with duplicate files on both drives.
I have been advised to buy Partition Magic but have no idea how Partition Magic works so would appreciate comments from those in the know.

  Pesala 18:18 23 Feb 03

This free utility is great for quickly seeing which files and directories take up most space.

click here

I would suggest uninstalling a few of the larger programs, then reinstalling them on the larger partition.

  xoc 22:11 23 Feb 03

Thanks Pesala,
It looks an interesting program, but I already know what I want to move, my question is what is the simplest way to do it from an amatuers point of view!!

  Pesala 22:42 23 Feb 03

Look at C:\Program Files

Right-click on various subfolders and choose Properties to get a measure of the space taken by that program. On my system:

C:\Program Files\Corel takes 345 Mbytes

C:\Program Files\NetObjectsFusion2.02 takes 92 Mbytes

C:\Program Files\ROUTE66 takes 729 Mbytes

C:\Windows\ takes 1 Gbyte, but you cannot move that

So just by uninstalling three programs I could save 1 Gbyte on my system. Then reinstall on your larger Drive D:

Sequioa would very quickly find other large files and directories for you.

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