Movies will not play.

  jaritch 20:46 25 Mar 06

My Packard Bell no longer plays DVD Movies. No matter wwhether I use Power Cinema or WMP the program stops responding and CPU shows 100%. First I have tried to play it for ages. Worked before, the only thing I have changed was to put a new graphics card in, replacing the shared graphics

The DVD drive is okay as it foes play cd's and also shows the DCD in the drive.

Any ideas.

  Totally-braindead 21:03 25 Mar 06

I think there are 3 possabilities, either the software you have was somehow linked to the previous graphics card and therefore will now not work, this I consider unlikely or the dvd laser is kaput, in which case it will only be able to read CDs, this can be checked by using a data DVD such as a cover disk or the software is either corrupted or not able to detect the DVD player for whatever reason, if so a reinstall of your software may cure it.

I would try testing the drive with a data DVD if you have one and then reinstaling the software.

  wbiggchiefy 22:26 25 Mar 06

Have u disabled the old graphics card - if it is still present on your pc it WILL cause a problem - (you can add a sond card any time you like & will not cause problem) but with a graphics card the old one really does need to be removed


  jaritch 14:52 27 Mar 06

Sorry for delay in response. The DVD laser is okay as I can read software on dvd. have ried a re-instal of the software with no luck, the fact that it will not work on either program suggests that it isn't that. And yes the old graphics card is disabled.

Thanks for feedback guys. I am really scratching my head on this one. Any other suggestions anyone?

  ACOLYTE 14:58 27 Mar 06

What graffix card have you got now?
Some newer g card drivers have copy protection features built in,esspecially if you are trying to play the dvd in a dvd/rw drive.The only thing i can suggest is installing an older graffix driver.

  jaritch 17:33 27 Mar 06

Thanks Acolyte

The graphics card is a g force 6200 (nvidia) Would this exibit the problem that you are suggesting.

  Totally-braindead 17:45 27 Mar 06

What I would try is running the software you have with the older graphics card you had before whether it is onboard or a seperate card. That would at least tell you whether its the card/software or something else. If it does work then I would get new software and refit the 6200. For DVD playback you can get a copy of PowerDVD for as little as £10. I would suspect that the Power Cinema you have was provided for Packard Bell and as such is probably locked to the old graphics. I don't think media player plays DVDs by default but I could be wrong on this. Mine doesn't anyway, thats why I use Power DVD.

  skidzy 17:57 27 Mar 06

I can play dvd's via my power dvd or media player.
Is it possible you have a missing codec ? you may like to try this click here
Just a suggestion.

  jaritch 12:07 10 Apr 06

Hi Folks

Sorry it took so long to come back to this thread. have been away with work. Managed to solve the issue by downloading a recent nvidia driver update from their site

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