movies only using half the screen

  lakeman 22:20 06 Jun 09

i have been given some dvds with old films on them made by a friend which he transferred from vhs, when i play them on pc or dvd player they are narrow taking up only half the screen, is there a way or software to make them full screen without losing any quality,

  Kevscar1 23:18 06 Jun 09

What program are you using to play them.

  lakeman 11:14 07 Jun 09

using nero 6 or power dvd, i selected full screen to view but it looked as though it was zoomed in which spoilt the viewing basically.wondered if there was a way to change it from just a band in the middle to a full screen without having to zoom, hope im making sense

  Kevscar1 11:36 07 Jun 09

Not sure but if you are saying that there is a black band either side of the picture then it's more than likely that your friend did them in some format which makes them this way.
If thats the case there is nothing you can do, you can't change an oblong to a square and when you zoom in you lose the top and bottom off of the screen. Comtact your friend and see if they were the same when he played them.

  lakeman 16:22 07 Jun 09

thanks, he says his are like that and he tried to "square" them up to full screen size with no joy,he cant remamber how he did them or with what program,poss he used nero but im not sure which version ,

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