moveing files from star office to ms word.

  MAGGX 19:44 26 Mar 04

Hi all I have just installed ms peo office. I want to move or even copy my information from something called star office which came installed with my evesham PC. but when I try to copy / paste word have it. I have quite a lot of paper work to transfer 650 pages. I would like to just copy file stright to word. Any Ideas? There must be a quick way
thanks all,

  Gongoozler 19:52 26 Mar 04

You should be able to open a Star Office file in MS Word, but you may not be able to import all the functions from one to the other. If a file is saved as RTF, then transportability should be almost universal.

  Cam-330894 21:59 26 Mar 04

Star Office can save the files in the doc format used by MS word.
Install StarOffice, choose the custom setting and install the necessary translators.

As far as I can see, MS Word cannot directly import StarOffice documents. (I am open to correction).

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