Move PDF pages to another PDF fie

  tonyq 20 May 12

Please can anyone tell me if it is possible to move pages from one pdf file to a different pdf file. I am using Foxit Reder, Windows 7 64bit.

  johndrew 20 May 12

Provided it is not a protected file, you can use PDFTK Builder to break the PDF file into pages and then assemble what you want into a document and use the same software to build the new file. Make certain you have the pages in the order you want them as entry in the wrong order will give a PDF that you are unhappy with.

  tonyq 20 May 12

Thank you johndrew, Could you help me with my next problem.How to rotate a single page 90 degrees. (Foxit Reader)

  johndrew 20 May 12

I don't use Foxit, but most menu bars are similar.

Either under 'Document' or 'View' you should find a 'Rotate' tool that will allow you to turn the page through 90 or 180 as you require. You will need to 'Save' in the new position or it will return to its original on closure of the viewer.

  tonyq 20 May 12

View rotate view, I am finding that I only seem able to rotate all of the pages,not single pages.

  johndrew 21 May 12

When you select to rotate, have you selected a specific page to act upon? If so and it still rotates the whole document, you will need to disassemble the document and rotate (and save) the page before assembly.

  tonyq 21 May 12

johndrew, I don't seem able to select a single page.

  Woolwell 21 May 12

You cannot rotate a single page unless you edit the pdf and rotate it when editing.

  tonyq 21 May 12

Hi all, I have been in contact with Foxit Support,with the following reply.

Thank you for contacting us.It is no way to rotate pages with Foxit Reader, while Foxit PhantomPDF Standard/Business is able to do that, you can download it from our website for 30 days free trial.

Thank you all for your help.


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