Mouse/Keyboard freezing - anyone any ideas?

  FLT 20:48 20 May 03


I have an intermittent fault whereby I'll be moving the mouse and suddenly it freezes. All input from the keyboard is also lost. Ctrl-Alt-Delete etc. do nothing. I noticed last time that a voice chat program I was running continued to work, but the screen is totally dead.

I've reloaded video drivers, checked all connections, reinstalled the mouse etc. to no avail.

Anyone any suggestions?

(I run 98SE on an Athlon 650).

  DieSse 22:11 20 May 03

Try the latest motherboard drivers, if you haven't already.

  kentylad 22:58 20 May 03

Are they wireless?

  FLT 12:05 21 May 03

They're not wireless.

I've also noticed that sometimes now the mouse continues to work, but all keyboard input fails.

  cina 12:27 21 May 03

is this a new usb keyboard/mouse?

  FLT 12:28 23 May 03

Noticed that sometimes the mouse pointer would get stuck momentarily before the keyboard froze.

Have now tried a new mouse, and this appears to have stopped the problem.

  DieSse 13:26 23 May 03

Well done - don't forget to tick the problem solved box, and get the green tick on the thread.

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