Mouse woes

  Deaduck 09:47 13 Aug 03

I have lost the ability to drag files with a mouse

i have reinstalled drivers checked all settings in control panel but am at a loss

i have a nice new cd/rw but i cant drag files to copy them

any ideas?

  Confab 11:41 13 Aug 03

Maybe its a hardware fault with the mouse itself. Check it on anothr PC and if it still doesn't work buy a new one. If its a cordless mouse then check the batteries.

  Ben Avery 11:46 13 Aug 03

You can only "drag" files onto a CDRW if you arer using the correct type of burning program like "InCD" (Nero) or "DirectCD" (Roxio).

Try dragging files from one folder to another in exlorer to see if it's actually a mouse problem or software related.


  Ben Avery 11:47 13 Aug 03

the new CDRW must be formatted to work with whichever program you are using if you want to use it like a floppy and dfrag files onto it.

The software will give the option to format the CDRW in this way.


  Deaduck 12:13 13 Aug 03

I cannot drag on ANY programme

selecting an icon immediatley opens it doesnt matter if i use 1 or 2 clicks

i am tottaly baffled by this

on another pc the mouse works fine so it must be a setting on the pc as ANY mouse on it acts the same way

  Chris the Ancient 12:57 13 Aug 03

that you've got folder options to 'open on single click'.

You can check by opening a folder where this is happening, go to Tools/Options and see which radio button is selected in the 'General' tab.



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