mouse wheel

  jbaker65 10:38 19 Jul 04

At some time yesterday, my mouse wheel which I use for scrolling through documents stopped working! I have looked in control Panel/mouse and can find no reference to the wheel. Has anyone any idea how to revive my dead mouse. ( No the cat hasn't had it)

  €dstowe 10:42 19 Jul 04

Being mechanical devices, they are prone to wear.

Are you able to borrow another to test it out?

Best thing is most likely to buy another. They aren't expensive.

  feb 10:47 19 Jul 04

Check the Device Manager for problems.

  wotbus@ 10:51 19 Jul 04

Try Start \ Settings \ Control Panel \ Mouse and go through Setup or Restore Defaults. May help.

  wotbus@ 10:57 19 Jul 04

Sorry, just read you tried that. There is no reference to "Wheel" as such, just buttons 1,2 and 3 where 1 is left click, 2 is wheel (yes, most often it will perform a "click" by depressing it) and 3 is right click. On the mouse properties window under the tab "Buttons" you should see a bit to do with scrolling (how many lines etc). Have a look there.

  jbaker65 11:07 19 Jul 04

Thanks fellows. I am running win98se and there is no reference to wheel via control panel. Device manager shows no error and the only variations possible are to switch buttons and to vary speed of cursor movement and double click speed. I tried looking for new driver but win says the best driver is installed. ????

  interzone55 11:09 19 Jul 04

Is it a logitech mouse?

I have a Logitech Wheelmouse optical, with 4 buttons (botton 4 is the thumb button, and 2 is the wheel), occasionally it sn't recognised as a 4 button mouse it boot, just a 3 button one, which is annoying as I use both buttons a lot.

Incidentally, if you are using NT, 98 or me and the mouse isn't seen at boot then the wheel drivers will not be installed.

  feb 11:10 19 Jul 04

Did you install a driver with the mouse or is it using windows drivers? What type of mouse is it?

  Stuartli 11:15 19 Jul 04

Try Removing it from Device Manager and then letting Windows reinstall New Hardware.

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