Mouse trouble,trackball ok!

hi,i was surfing as usual yesterday when all of a sudden my mouse pointer ground to a halt in the middle of the screen and i cant get it to is a Hama optical with a ps2 no longer shows up in device manager even after rebooting etc.i then tried a logitech trackball (usb) and it works i bought a new trust optical usb mouse and it isnt recognized either in device manager or when i reboot at the moment im using the trackball which i dont like.any deas anybody? jimbo

  birdface 00:05 11 Nov 06

Happened to me a couple of times,Got new mouse worked fine then.If you go into Control panel Click on Mouse, See if you can see anything wrong in there, Or run the troubleshoot While you are in there.

  Peasar 00:10 11 Nov 06

tried that friend.the only thing that will show up in mouse properties is the trackball.

  birdface 00:28 11 Nov 06

Well sorry not any help to you, Like I said had the same problem a couple of times, Just bought a new mouse and no bother after that,

  Peasar 00:35 11 Nov 06

thanks for trying anyway.

  birdface 00:41 11 Nov 06

See If you can get any information out of this, click here

  birdface 00:45 11 Nov 06

Or here, click here

  birdface 00:52 11 Nov 06

Or maybe be able to get some information from here. click here

  Peasar 01:35 11 Nov 06

Have tried everything,but still just the trackball working.even tried a non-optical mouse.thanks anyway.

  birdface 09:34 11 Nov 06


  birdface 11:03 12 Nov 06

Try Here, And follow other advice.

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