Mouse speed keeps resetting everytime I restart

  herc182 08:32 23 Mar 07

Dear all.

WHen i go to the control panel and "Mouse" i change the pointer speed to how i want it. However, everytime i restart, the settings reset. Is there a way of it not doing this?!


I have windows xp home

  Technotiger 08:44 23 Mar 07

After making your adjustments in Control panel, did you remember to then click on Apply and OK?

Then just to be sure, go to Start and Re-start your pc.

  herc182 08:50 23 Mar 07

yes i always press "ok" after setting the speed.

  Technotiger 09:00 23 Mar 07

Hmm, I guess you also clicked on Apply before OK?

  herc182 09:14 23 Mar 07

Yeah I have hit apply too....(at least its greyed out now anyway).


  Technotiger 09:18 23 Mar 07

What sort of mouse? and do you have any software for mouse? Maybe if you re-install mouse software? Just a thought.

  herc182 09:22 23 Mar 07

Its for my laptop. Sometimes i use a usb mouse sometimes i use the touchpad. However, before i ever used the usb mouse, the touchpad mouse always reset...

  Technotiger 09:25 23 Mar 07

Right, I am not so familiar with laptop rodents/touch pads, but I think there may be a Key Combination to fix the setting. Hopefully someone else more conversant with laptops will see this and add there comment(s). Good luck, I know it is only a small thing, but these little things can be very annoying.

  Technotiger 09:26 23 Mar 07

Ooops 'their comments' not there!!

  herc182 09:42 23 Mar 07

Thanks very much for your help. You are right it is annoying but then again very rarely do things go smoothly in life (wow, bit deep for 10.00am on a friday :-))

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