Mouse problem with XP

  ZBQW 18:28 22 Jan 03
  ZBQW 18:28 22 Jan 03

Since I installed XP Professional on my system, I am having problems with my mouse. The cursor sometimes doesn't move as far as expected or in a jerky fashion. I have updated the driver and cleaned the usual areas inside the mouse with no effect. The problem seems worse if a program is opening, and becomes virtually uncontrollable if I use the "search" facility in Windows Explorer.

  misery 19:35 22 Jan 03

a USB mouse or PS/2? Have you checked in device manager to ensure all is OK? I use a USB optical without problem so can't really suggest much else, sorry.

  ZBQW 20:42 23 Jan 03

a PS/2 mouse. Device manager says that everything is OK. I installed a driver from the manufacturers web site, but that didn't help, and Windows reinstalled the original driver when I attempted an automatic update.

  Old PC man 00:01 24 Jan 03

If you are using a cordless mouse, try a new set of batteries.

Also you could try another mouse, (borrow one from a pal) and see if that does the same. That way you'll know whether its the mouse or the computer.

  ZBQW 17:14 24 Jan 03

I have tried a different mouse on my computer and it works OK. Unfortunately my mouse also works OK on other computers!

  Old PC man 21:12 24 Jan 03

You didn't say if it was cordless??

  ZBQW 15:41 25 Jan 03

I have given up and bought a new mouse though, a lovely 5 button one. After all, mice are cheap!

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