Mouse problem.

  TOMKATE 18:22 07 Jan 03
  TOMKATE 18:22 07 Jan 03

Very simple problem but am an OAP with little knowledge of PCs. I find that the mouse I got as new has become "sticky". It is difficult to position the pointer on the screen. This has happened with earlier mouses (mice?) Do I take the ball out and clear it? If so with what: meths?
Thanks Tom

  Elrond 18:25 07 Jan 03

Yeah you can take the ball out and scrape all the rubbish off the rollers inside. I don't know bout using meths though.

  northamuk 18:43 07 Jan 03

Use a fingernail to scrape the worst off the rollers, then use a Q-Tip very slightlt moistened with water.

  anchor 20:03 07 Jan 03

Welcome to the forum Tomkate.

I had the same problem, removed the ball and cleaned it with warm water. (Make sure it is thoroughly dry before replacing it).

The metal rollers on the side were also "gunged up". I carefully used a wooden cocktail stick to remove the fluff wedged inside them. Then cleaned them with with a Q-tip cotton bud, moistened with industrial alcohol, (purer than meths). Isopropyl alcohol would do equally as well.

Did the trick!.

  BRYNIT 20:47 07 Jan 03

Easy way to keep mouse clean longer use a plastic covered mat this can be wiped b4 use or brush dust of cloth mat. Just a case of remembering.

  misters 21:16 07 Jan 03

Try here i've used one for three years now and never had any probs, click here

  computer_geek_100 21:20 07 Jan 03

i agree

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