mouse problem

  heepster 16:39 PM 14 Dec 11

I have a sony vaio running vista buisness.Been ok till yesterday when the mouse and pointer pad have become erratic.The pointer doesnt keep still and wanders all around the screen.I have deleted the mouse driver in device manager , but on reboot the problem persists.Any help would be much appreciated.I have also tryed several mice and they all act the same.

  mgmcc 09:32 AM 15 Dec 11

Have you tried running System Restore back to before the problem arose?

  heepster 10:34 AM 15 Dec 11

yes tried that, still the problem

  spuds 11:01 AM 15 Dec 11

Normally it might indicate dust or a foreign body problem, could even be a low battery problem, if using a wireless mouse. But having stated that you get the same results from trying several mice, I am rather stumped?.

  mooly 19:14 PM 15 Dec 11

Are we talking about the inbuilt touchpad here ?

If so, then he touchpad could be faulty. Also you say you have deleted the drivers (for the touchpad ?). If so Windows will load a generic one that omits many options. The correct driver (such as synaptics etc) often have a sensitivity setting although from the sound of it I suspect a hardware issue.

  mooly 19:17 PM 15 Dec 11

Above post of mine doesn't read well...

Have you tried disabling the internal touchpad completely to see if the external mice still misbehave ?

  robin_x 19:40 PM 15 Dec 11

Could be something hogging the CPU. Have a look in Task Manager Processes. (Show Processes from all users and click CPU column to sort by activity)

Could be malware. Try Malwarebytes scan.


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