Mouse Problem

  Fabulos 11:26 23 Jan 09

I hane an Advent laptop and have a problem with the mouse on the computer. The curser moves ok but when I try to left click the mouse on an Icon nothing happens. Can you advise me how to sort out this problem.


  Graham. 11:32 23 Jan 09

Double click?

  Fabulos 11:55 23 Jan 09

Hi Graham

I have tried by clicking the mouse twice on an Icon but there is still no response.



  Graham. 12:46 23 Jan 09

Does right click work?

  Fabulos 13:14 23 Jan 09

Sometimes, but then the left click still does not work.


  Graham. 15:53 23 Jan 09

Find the mouse in Device Manager and update the driver.
If it is a mechanical fault you will have to plug in a normal mouse.

  Pineman100 16:03 23 Jan 09

Try the mouse on a different computer.

Try a different mouse on your computer.

What happens?

  Graham. 17:20 23 Jan 09

It's a laptop.

  Pineman100 10:57 24 Jan 09

I'm not sure I understand your point.

  Fabulos 14:06 26 Jan 09


The Mouse is part of the laptop.


I tried using an external mouse but the problem is still there. I changed the curser type and it seemed to have worked (only with a double click). But the problem was still there yeaterday and today. Have I unwittingly pressed s button(s)which has locked the mouse?

Any help will be welcome.


  Graham. 14:30 26 Jan 09

There will be an Fn key on the keyboard. Look for another key with a mouse symbol. Pressing the Fn key together with the mouse key will turn the keyboard mouse off and on.

If you give the Advent model number, we can look for the Manual.

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