mouse problem

  Jule 15:26 28 Sep 07

my logitech cordless mouse has recently started playing up. when i connect to the internet my settings seem to have been "lost". i cannot use the "back" button or scroll through 6 lines at a time, which are my preferences. i have to open the mouse program & reset my preferences each time, even though they are apparently already set! also i have checked the box to have the mouse icon appear in the taskbar but it doesn't until i have reset the preferences - any ideas?

  ambra4 15:41 28 Sep 07

Have you replace the battery's??

  Jule 15:44 28 Sep 07

thanks for your reply, the battery level is showing as good when i check it, i think the batteries are ok as the mouse works perfectly otherwise, the only problem is with the settings

  ambra4 16:13 28 Sep 07

Are you using the software that came withe mouse

Go to control panel and change the mouse setting

  Jule 16:18 28 Sep 07

yes, i am using the logitech software, and i have to go to control panel each time i log online to change the settings, even though they appear to be how i set them before, they just don't work, it seems very strange to me!

  project 90 16:34 28 Sep 07

jule there has been a new version of the logitec set point

click here

try that as i was having troubles with my mouse and vista but it fine now

  Jule 17:25 28 Sep 07

hi project 90, i have downloaded this software as you suggested (although i use Windows XP), it hasn't solved the problem though. i just restarted my computer & logged on but same old problem happens (although now i have a setpoint icon in toolbar), should i uninstall what i've just downloaded or doesn't it matter?

  Jule 17:32 28 Sep 07

i've just found out that the 'back' button does'nt work at all now & the setpoint options box doesn't seem to change the setting at all!! so i'm now worse off than before

  Chris the Ancient 17:49 28 Sep 07

Perhaps you have a wireless router/modem? Or maybe there is some other form of electrical interference.

Try putting the mouse receiver in a completely different place and see if that helps.

  project 90 16:47 25 Oct 07

as far as i know the set point should work fine i mean it works on vista and that saying something

make sure ur mouse is selected in the box but it probally is as u seem to know about all the settings u prefer,

other than that try contacting logitech see if they know what the problem is.

do you have a corded mouse to try to see if that works fine?

  Jule 11:01 26 Oct 07

thanks project 90, i reset all the settings and found a fix (i've forgotten where though!)that has worked, something like resetting one of the mouse buttons to activate two key strokes, so all is well now.

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