Mouse Pointer Sticks

  OldRed 01:58 01 Jul 05

It could be a coincidence but since I upgraded my broadband system to a wireless router my mouse pointer seems to stick then tries to catch up making it difficult to use. I have tried a new mouse but its still the same, I have also updated the drivers to no avail.

Any idea's anybody

PC running windows 98se and mouse is PS2

  Legolas 12:43 01 Jul 05

Is it wired or wireless

  Legolas 12:45 01 Jul 05

Sorry you say the mouse is PS2 so I assume it is wired.

  Legolas 12:46 01 Jul 05

Have you tried a USB mouse

  OldRed 13:10 01 Jul 05


The broadband connection is wireless the PS2 mouse is wired and as yet I haven't tried a USB mouse.
It seems that when I first switch the PC on it works o'k but as it gets warmed up the mouse pointer does not respond then tries to catch up all within a second.



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