mouse or mouse-pad suddenly making speakers distort sound help

  GilliEdwards 11:07 15 Mar 15

For some reason my mouse is interfering with the sound on my Acer Aspire E15 Start laptop. I can't seem to play music while typing or using the mouse of mousepad. What can I do is there a solution please. It was fine until 2 nights ago when the laptop installed 18 updates!

  northumbria61 13:07 15 Mar 15

It appears Windows Updates has "interfered" with your installed mouse/mousepad. Go to Windows Updates and search through recently installed updates to find one relating to MS mouse/mousepad or similar and uninstall.

  northumbria61 13:12 15 Mar 15

Alternatively you could do a system restore to immediately prior to the updates and then reinstall the ones you want.

You would have more control over your Windows Updates if you change your settings via Control Panel-Change Settings-change to to Download updates but let me choose whether to install them.

  Hannah1904 20:30 15 Mar 15

I am having the same problem as described above since installing updates and also having problems with moving the mouse accurately. I've looked through my windows updates but can't find anything attributed to mouse or mousepad, any other ideas on file update names it could be? Thanks!

  bumpkin 21:30 15 Mar 15

If this occured after updates then just do a restore till before the updates were loaded.

  GilliEdwards 07:36 16 Mar 15

Ok thank you. I did try a system restore but my laptop even struggled with that! In the end after much frustration the laptop went into a refresh ( the option to clear everything but keep your files). It took quite a while for it to do this but it seems to have worked. It took off some applications like skype, antivirus but it seems to be working ok again now. No idea what all the 18 updates were that suddenly came in but laptop certainly didn't like it. But thankyou all for your quick help.

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