mouse not responding

  TequilaSunrise 10:14 18 Dec 07

when i press a button on the keyboard (such as ctrl or shift - but really any button) the mouse stops responding.

its really annoying as now i cant play my favourite game (as you need to hold shift, ctrl + click and drag the mouse).

does anyone know how i can fix this? it didnt use to do this!

thanks in advance

  recap 10:37 18 Dec 07

If the keyboard and mouse are wireless it may be the batteries are run down?

  TequilaSunrise 10:39 18 Dec 07

no i just changed the batteries to brand new ones to make sure of that aswell. but they are both wireless

  recap 11:20 18 Dec 07

After changing the batteries did you go through the 'Connect' process of the keyboard and mouse?

  TequilaSunrise 11:31 18 Dec 07

yes. they are both working fine, except from the pressing a button and the mouse not responding thing

  Simsy 03:37 19 Dec 07

a while back, and the problem was solved my moving the mouse/keyboard receiver...

Where it was originally position, to the left of the keyboard, it could receive signals ok from the mouse, which was on the left of the keyboard. However when both were sending signals together the keyboard signal swamped the mouse signal.

Moving the receiver so that it was behind the keyboard, roughly equidistant from keyboard and mouse, solved the problem.

Good luck.



You didn't say which make of mouse & keyboard. This would help as another reader may have the same one.

Are they sold to you as a a set? Do they share the same wireless/bluetooth connection?

What I am thinking is some manufacturers may think they can both share the same connector and only accept the signal from one device at a time.

Perhaps you simply need to change the keyboard back to your old wired one to play the game.

  johnnyrocker 09:37 19 Dec 07

system restore?


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