Mouse not recognised

  LaserSailor 08:14 22 Jun 06

I have an oldish PC running Windows ME. When I plug in a USB, or ye olde style mouse, nothing happens.
Do I have to load a driver ? I cannot find anything in the net for a "Super Ergo Optical Mouse"
Do I have to buy a copy of Windows XP to make it work ?


  rawprawn 08:23 22 Jun 06

Does ME have a Device Manager,if so What does it say? (My computer/Properties/Hardware/Device Manager and scroll down to "Mice" in XP)

  LaserSailor 08:35 22 Jun 06

Don't know - how do I move the pointer without a mouse ?

  Grantrh 08:37 22 Jun 06

Do other USB devices work in this port?
If not it could be the port rather than the mouse.

  vinnyT 10:46 22 Jun 06

I take it that 'ye olde style mouse' refers to ps/2 connection, this should be recognised by windows own driver. If it is not, either the driver has been uninstalled/corrupted or the port is busted.

USB devices on ME still required drivers to be installed (I think).

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:33 22 Jun 06

In device manager use tab key arrow keys and + - keys and enter key to navigate and execute.

  woodchip 12:48 22 Jun 06

It should load a Driver, from Windows. Go to Add Hardware in control panel. choose from list Hide Compliant I think that's the one under USB

  LaserSailor 13:06 22 Jun 06

Thankyou all - the USB ports are not working properly. Ye Olde style seems ok

  vinnyT 13:55 22 Jun 06


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