Mouse Frozen

  mark-pc 03 Feb 13

I am using a roller ball mouse. My mouse works as the computer is going through startup but when start up has completed the mouse sticks in the lower half of the screen and will not move.

Any suggestions please?

  Border View 03 Feb 13

Is it a wired mouse or wireless? If wireless your battery may need replacing.

  mark-pc 03 Feb 13

Its a USB. I have tried deleting the mouse from Device manager but dont know what else to try

  mark-pc 03 Feb 13

It seems to be a software issue. I deselected everything in Windows Satrt up and it worked fine. Computer works much better too. Now I have to determine which software is the problem. Havent installed anything for some time so its a mystery.

  mole1944 03 Feb 13

Have you tried unplugging the mouse then taking it apart and giving it a good clean including the ball which might just be coverd in who knows what,clean the ball with soapy water and gently rub with a green kitchen scourer.Alternativly go out and get a cheap mouse so you always have a spare,mice these days run there position via leds,as i say get yourself a spare one.

  SillBill 03 Feb 13

I haven't had a roller ball mouse for ages but I remember having to continually clean out its chamber, just amazing how much detritus gets in there!

I now have several, all wireless and a miscellany of types - laser etc. usually it is the battery which fails and now that is the first thing I check when the cursor decides to sty where it is on the screen.

  mark-pc 03 Feb 13

Yes I have taken out the ball and cleaned underneath, I do that often. Its definately a softward conflict as it works fine if I dont allow any start up programs. Wasted several hours on it today, as you do. Think it may be time to give up and go for a MAC !


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