Mouse double-click problem

  Marjy5 19:38 09 Mar 04

My problem is that my mouse won't double-click. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the mouse drivers and software, no joy. I've checked that the single-click hasn't been selected in folder options, it hasn't. I've duplicated registry settings from another PC that has a fully working mouse, still no joy, I fear that Windows has lost the meaning of double-click. Any ideas?? I'm running Windows 98 with a standard NEC wheel mouse through the PS2 port.

  Mister Splendid 19:59 09 Mar 04

One possibility is that the mouse double click time is set too fast so that you cannot double click fast enough. Check the setting in the mouse properties and if it is set very fast just set it slower and see what happens.

  Marjy5 20:46 09 Mar 04

Thanks but already tried that with no luck.

  anchor 09:14 10 Mar 04

Does your mouse work OK on the other PC?, if not then the mouse may be faulty.

  Marjy5 17:27 10 Mar 04

Yes, the mouse works fine on other PC's. I've tried a USB mouse aswell on the faulty PC with the same outcome (to eliminate the PS2 port as the potential fault).

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