mouse double click lost

  suzie005 22:35 13 Mar 03

for some reason today i am unable to double click and am having to right click/open was suggested i go into control panel and try the mouse out.the jack in the box pops up.any suggestions wot i can do?

  Djohn 23:09 13 Mar 03

When you are in the mouse settings, you will see a sliding bar, use this to adjust the speed of your double clicks, and then test it on the jack in the box.

When happy with the speed, click on apply, then ok, and try your mouse again in a program to see if this has cured it. J.

  suzie005 00:07 14 Mar 03

it's on the fastest speed already

  powerless 00:11 14 Mar 03

Control Panel > Mouse > Buttons...

Make sure left click has not been assigned another funnction.

  Stuartli 00:41 14 Mar 03

Might even be worth installing an updated mouse driver from the MS Update website.

Or, if you have TweakUI installed, you can restore the factory settings from that and reset your preferences.

  DieSse 00:44 14 Mar 03

It shouldn't be on the fastest speed - it's very unlikely you can consistently double-click with it set on the fastest. Set it in the middle.

  DieSse 00:44 14 Mar 03

PS - and reboot, if you haven't already.

  Terrahawk 00:51 14 Mar 03

try a different rodent if you have or can borrow one unlikley but could be a breakage somewhere

  suzie005 00:53 14 Mar 03

a ha

ok then.rebooted and was still the's only a few weeks old so it didn't need new drivers.i've altered the mouse speed to half way and it double clicks ok now.however the LED is flashing quickly which should indicate that it needs charging up but it doesn' one thing sorted and lets hope the flashing is nowt to worry about ( that's all i need).cheers for all your help


  Dr Lecter 01:00 14 Mar 03

What brand/make is your mouse?

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