Mouse dirt !!!

  Mananin 19:42 18 Oct 03

Mouse seems to clog up more than it used to.
Any suggestions for cleaning the roller bars inside.....apart from chucking the mat into the bath.

Mananin (thanks in advance)

  VoG II 19:44 18 Oct 03

Get an optical mouse. No more cleaning, no need for a mouse mat, ...

  powerless 19:45 18 Oct 03

Cocktail sticks.

The good old fashioned - finger nail - works a treat.

I take my mouse apart to give it a thorough clean, good job i know how it fits back together.

  hugh-265156 19:48 18 Oct 03

scrape the rollers with a matchstick or fingernail,remove with damp kitchen paper.wash the ball in sopy water and dry well.

  christmascracker 19:49 18 Oct 03

damp cotton buds!

  Mananin 20:03 18 Oct 03

Powerless, huggyg71, christmascracker.
Tried all those except stripping it, but thanks.
Maybe I'll add VoG's to my Wishlist.

  dagbladet 20:16 18 Oct 03

Try not to put your pie on the mouse mat between bites.

I'm a fingernail kinda guy myself.

  recap 21:11 18 Oct 03

If you look on the bottom of your mouse you should see two small screws. If you un-do these you can take all three rollers out and clean them. Please take note of how the mouse is set-up inside before taking the rollers out. Just wipe them and the ball with a damp cloth. I have found this is the only sure way of having the rollers clean.

  wee eddie 21:27 18 Oct 03

samsung Optical Mouse @ a tenner. Different branches have different offers but a couple of quid isn't much for the ease of use.

  the lone cloner 22:51 18 Oct 03

i find that regular cleaning with an air duster (aerosol) keeps everything tickity boo.

  woodchip 22:58 18 Oct 03

Yep I got a Harry Potter mini PS/2 optical mouse from ebuyer for £2.99 great

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